Bob "Smoke" Weaver

Bob "Smoke" Weaver


I have a creative mind that needs stimulation.  That creative mind drove me to find outlets as a child and drawing was its first release.  I started drawing very young and quickly realized I had a love and affinity for the activity. 

I started with the helicopters and jets that flew over my childhood home on Lake Belton.  Then I discovered comic books and super heroes became my muse.  As I grew up, my stepfather, a master watercolorist,  further fostered my knowledge, skills, and interest in art. 

After a career in restaurant management and aviation, an 8 year go in the Army, and several years in various Universities in a wide array of subjects, I was finally afforded the opportunity to make art and design my livelihood.  I most recently spent 2 years at the University of Houston in the painting program, which helped to solidify the skills I had been building all of my life. 

My inspirations are Edward Hopper, Fredric Remington, James Gurney, Watt “Bill” Dozier, and William McNamara (to name a few).  I tend to sway towards the American Realism movement, nature, and suburb life when I am looking for inspiration.

I would be happy to hear about your project to see if I can help.  Take a look at my portfolio below and submit a quote request or email me to get your project started!

Turning the Corner – 2022

My First Mural

This mural was inspired by an image found on a 1949 postcard of 3rd street. I tried to combine some historical accuracy with my artistic liberties. I used the book Images of America: Historic Downtown Rosenberg to help identify building names and locations.

I want to provide a look into the spirited past of Rosenberg. As viewers move towards and turn onto 3rd St., they will then see the present. While there is a dichotomy in modernity, I hope as the area grows, there will not be a dichotomy in the vibrance and beauty of the area. Downtown Rosenberg is quickly growing and becoming the lively area of commerce it once was. This mural is meant to reveal the beauty of the past while allowing visitors to compare it to the present.

Please go and support these small business owners as your support will help them to fund the revitalization of Downtown Rosenberg.

1949 Post Card of the Street

Recent Paintings